the year that 2020 was

Its been a tough one, this year.

For our 2020 review, we’d like to invite try-outs, try-agains, misc extracts, heads-ups, ‘look yonders’, unpublished (or unpublishable) or left-in-drawer pieces. Scattered digitalia, in other words. Pieces that riff and reflect on the year that was, and also on the year that wasn’t.

Even though we’ve decided on whiteness and queerness as two general themes for this year’s review, we’ll welcome and embrace contributions on other topics and themes, too. Do keep in mind: we prefer not posting or platforming contributions that further racist, ethno-nationalist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or douchbaggy narratives. It’s not cancel culture or PC policing; its just how we roll.

I look forward to looking back on 2020, with you. So get in touch, or send a contribution this way, at (no ‘.com’ suffix needed). The call will stay up throughout November.